Snapshooter Profile June

Photographer Kristina Hernandez

Check out our latest featured photographer. Kristina won our June cover of “Swinger”, and uses her athleticism to keep up with her photo subjects. We like your style Kristina!

Name: Kristina Hernandez
Home Town: Alexandria, Virginia

What’s your story? I do photography whenever I’m able apart from my full-time job. I love being able to create a tangible memory – hopefully a good one – in a photograph for a client. For me, I always try to get a photo that elicits emotion.

What’s your favorite thing to photograph?
Kids, sports and couples. Kids grow up so fast and you never want to forget those little moments before they are on their own and out of your arms. I’m an athlete, so capturing a great sports moment is awesome. Photographing couples – usually during an engagement shoot – is great because they have a love between them that I’m able to get on film.

Kristina's Winning "Swinger" snapshot

What would you say to someone else about the Lizzy’s Fresh Label contest?
It’s a great way to get your picture onto an excellent bag of coffee!

Oh yes, what’s your favorite way to drink your coffee?
In the morning after a run.

Where can our readers see more of your photography? or

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Featured August Snapshooter

Photographer Tara Reifenheiser always wows us with her snaps!

Photographer Name: Tara Reifenheiser
Home Town: Long Island, New York

Would you say you’re a snapshot taker, or a pro, or something in between? I am definitely not a pro, but I do take pictures everyday. I consider my love for photography a healthy obsession and a large part of my life. I either have something in mind I want to shoot, or I will just randomly snap the shutter. I do not leave the house without my camera. It trumps my purse and cell phone.

This month's winning snap from Tara...

What kinds of pictures do you enjoy taking? I consider myself an ecclectic photographer who enjoys shooting all people, all places, and all things. My passion is taking pictures that tell a story or convey a mood or emotion. I often pair my images with music lyrics or song titles on my website, since photography and music are the loves of my life.
Have you had a chance to share your fame, or your coffee with others? Absolutely! I share my fame with all friends and family who have enjoyed the coffee labels as well as Lizzy’s coffee. And I drink Lizzy’s coffee every morning. What’s interesting is that I was a tea drinker until I was introduced to Lizzy’s coffee. Lizzy’s coffee turned me into a coffee addict! My sister in law was laughing about how I didn’t know how to use our coffee maker last year, and now I am grinding our Lizzy’s coffee every morning.

And last but not least…what’s your favorite way to brew and drink your coffee? Vanilla creamer and cinnamon.

Anyone can submit a snapshot for a chance to have your pick featured and win a free month of coffee: Click Here

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March Snapshooter Profile

Check out this month’s featured photographer….
Photographer Name: Minta Thomson
Home Town: Pheonix, Arizona

Minta pic

Minta's Bad Dog featured this month

Minta's Bad Dog featured this monthWould you say you’re a snapshot taker, or a pro, or something in between?
trying to make a living at it =)

What kinds of pictures do you enjoy taking?
candids… secretspy type…unposed moments that may have gone unnoticed. I like to flip the perspective of things & make my viewers think about the story behind the foto.

Have you had a chance to share your fame, or your coffee with others?
I have! I gave coupons to my neighbors…shared on facebook, flickr, twitter & when talking to friends.

And last but not least…how do you take your coffee?
With a smooth kickstart.

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