Snapshooter Profile August

Check out our latest featured photographer! Marco Martinez’s snapshot won the August “Swinger” coffee label, and we love his perspective on the long relationship of coffee+art.

Name: Marco A. Martínez
Home Town: White Bear Lake, MN

What’s your story? Are you a pro-photographer, or a weekend snapshooter, or something in between? I’ve been into photography for a few years now. I started when my oldest son was born out of the need to document his life, from the banal to the extraordinary, recording every milestone and accomplishment. Along the way, I immersed myself more into photography, reading and experimenting with this new medium (I used to write quite often) of expression. It has been a very rewarding experience that has touched all aspects of my life. Photography has become a lifelong pursuit.

What’s your favorite thing to photograph?
I love taking portraits. There is much to learn about people in general when you take their portrait: you strive to make a connection with those you photograph, to learn something special and unique about them. I “specialize” in child photography because, well, my two children have been my main subjects. I also do macro photography on occasion.

Marco's Winning "Swinger" Label

What would you say to someone else about the Lizzy’s Fresh Label contest?
That it is a very unique way to bring two awesome things together: great coffee and photography. I’m reminded how many coffee shops support artists and their art work. One can walk into almost any coffee shop and appreciate the work of local artists: paintings, photographs, and other crafts. And what about Open Mic! So, the Fresh Label contest, in essence, continues this long relationship between artisan coffee and the arts. In both places you find the same thing: passion.

Oh yes, what’s your favorite way to drink your coffee?
Dark. And bitter.

Where can our readers see more of your photography? My Flickr Photostream at or my JPG Profile

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Best of 2010 Snapshot Winners

Your votes are tallied, and here are your Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee 2010 Best of the Year label winners!

Ok, ok, we admit it, the kids and dogs are a big hit around here. Every month since we opened back in 2008, we’ve featured different snapshots on our 6 core coffees. I can honestly say that this is my absolute favorite part of every month…..the unveiling of the new labels.

Alessio Pascarella

I might admit that the coffee makes me pretty happy and all warm and fuzzy with yumminess when I drink it….. but…. the PICTURES?

Seriously embarrassing outbursts of giggles, and more pee-in-my-pants moments when I open up some of the submissions that come in month after month. And yes, I look at every single one.

Some of the pics are lucky enough to make it to the coffee labels, and (boo hoo) some are not. That doesn’t take away from the really cool stuff you share with us, though. I feel honored to enjoy and experience just a snippet of your lives….a little personal laugh… or just a moment of super-coolness. I love it, and love that you are part of our coffee experience. Or, well, I guess, our experience of life through coffee.

Thank you so much for being part of our family. We wish all of this year’s photographers, and all our customers and friends the best that 2011 has to offer.
Cheers, Liz

The Winners Are:
(above)Sunriser November
Photo: Alesso Pascarella
If you throw ball for me I promise I’ll be good ALL day.

Photo Megan Rogers

B*Day June
Photo Megan Rogers
Oh, you might think I’m not going to make a big fat mess. So foolish, mommy, so foolish.

Photo Susie Jones

Bad Dog November
Photo Susie Jones
Undercover dog park cops. You can’t hide from em anymore.

Photo Janie Hermann

Easy Tiger May
Photo Janie Hermann
Oh no…..!!! Here comes the GRAAAAASSSS!

Photo Kelly Mars

Swinger June
Photo: Kelly Mars
Those little dangling feet are too cute for words. Push me!

Photo Goerge Powell

Talent August
Photo: George Powell
Full. Canonball. Commitment. Nothing more to say.

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