Featured August Snapshooter

Photographer Tara Reifenheiser always wows us with her snaps!

Photographer Name: Tara Reifenheiser
Home Town: Long Island, New York

Would you say you’re a snapshot taker, or a pro, or something in between? I am definitely not a pro, but I do take pictures everyday. I consider my love for photography a healthy obsession and a large part of my life. I either have something in mind I want to shoot, or I will just randomly snap the shutter. I do not leave the house without my camera. It trumps my purse and cell phone.

This month's winning snap from Tara...

What kinds of pictures do you enjoy taking? I consider myself an ecclectic photographer who enjoys shooting all people, all places, and all things. My passion is taking pictures that tell a story or convey a mood or emotion. I often pair my images with music lyrics or song titles on my website, since photography and music are the loves of my life.
Have you had a chance to share your fame, or your coffee with others? Absolutely! I share my fame with all friends and family who have enjoyed the coffee labels as well as Lizzy’s coffee. And I drink Lizzy’s coffee every morning. What’s interesting is that I was a tea drinker until I was introduced to Lizzy’s coffee. Lizzy’s coffee turned me into a coffee addict! My sister in law was laughing about how I didn’t know how to use our coffee maker last year, and now I am grinding our Lizzy’s coffee every morning.

And last but not least…what’s your favorite way to brew and drink your coffee? Vanilla creamer and cinnamon.

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