She Did it!

Owner and Head Roaster, Liz Roquet at the controls

Owner and Head Roaster, Liz Roquet at the controls

Liz Roquet, Owner and Head Roaster at Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee has achieved the Roaster’s Guild Level 1 Roaster Certification.

According to the Roaster’s Guild program outline, the Roasters Guild’s Roaster Certificate Program recognizes specialty roasters who achieve a high degree of skill and excellence in roasting. Roasters Guild educational courses focus on a variety of topics and issues relevant to today’s marketplace and business demands. Course subjects range from the practical (identifying defects, plant safety, green coffee processing) to the scientific (sensory science, heat transfer & thermodynamics, particle size analysis).

“It’s been a wonderful 4 years of coarse work, tests, and even a trip to origin in Colombia to achieve this certification, and is a reflection of my deep commitment to becoming and staying educated in the world of coffee,” says Roquet. She goes on to add, “I’m constantly working to become better and learn more about my craft so that our customers can enjoy the best possible product we can produce. It’s all about making our customer smile when they’re enjoying a cup of our coffee.”

Roquet continues to build her expertise in coffee, and plans to continue to pursue more coarse work at the 2014 Special Coffee Association event to be held in Seattle, WA. As of this press release, she is one of only 36 roasters achieving certification in this program thus far.

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