2014 Best of the Year Label Winners!

Drum roll please…..

You have voted, and the results are in for the 2014 Best of the Year coffee labels at Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee. Let’s be honest–it was hard to pick from this stack of 66 great shots of 2014. They were funny, cool, colorful and crazy. No doubt we got a little smile from every one of them. The time must come, though, when we all get to decide on the pics we think are the BEST of the BEST. We rallied our customers, and the photographers rallied their friends and family, and this is how 2014 has landed.

Julie Schumacher Amelia, OH

Julie Schumacher
Amelia, OH
Crushing a few categories this year, Julie Schumacher takes Talent to a new level. This underwater tower of humans had us all holding our breath!

Dobie Farragher Fair Haven, NJ

Dobie Farragher
Fair Haven, NJ
No doubt Dobie Farragher got wet on this photo shoot. All we know is that wherever this rope-swing lives, we want to come play!

Holly Smith Gainesville, VA

Holly Smith
Gainesville, VA
Holly Smith knows how to snap pictures at Sunrise for sure, so it’s no surprise that she had your favorite Sunriser snapshot of the year. Beautiful!

Julie Schumacher Amelia OH

Julie Schumacher
Amelia OH
We’re not here to judge. Some of our friendships are stranger than this on that Julie Schumacher got on film.

Julie Schumacher Amelia, OH

Julie Schumacher
Amelia, OH
Julie Schumacher Must have had the super sneaky approach and long lens catching this birthday moment. Totally adorable!

Karen Gale Webberville, MI

Karen Gale
Webberville, MI
Karen Gale‘s Bad Dog shows some impressive restraint. You have to wonder how this picture would have looked if it was a bacon muffin.

We are sending our heartfelt thanks to all these amazing photographers for playing with us here at Lizzy’s. You make what we do so much fun! Now as the crowned 2014 winners, you’ll be enjoying a sweet Lizzy’s gift box with all 6 winning coffees inside, plus a Lizzy’s mug and a couple other surprises. All the rest of us get to enjoy YOUR pictures for one more month since you’ll all be featured again for the month of December 2014.

Please help us in sending all these great picture making people a big OH-YEAH, WAY to GO, YOU ROCK!!!!

Feeling like you want to play in 2015? You can! Enter your snapshots for chance to be featured on the Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee label, and enjoy a free month of coffee. Check out all the details and enter now: www.lizzysfreshcoffee.com/coffee-label-photo-contest

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