Featured May Snapshooter

Photographer Name: Avarie Shevin
Home Town: Los Angeles

Would you say you’re a snapshot taker, or a pro, or something in between? Well I don’t refer to myself as a professional photographer, but as a landscape designer, music manager and major animal lover, taking amazing pictures (along with all the cool cropping & editing that goes with it) is an important part of everything I do both professionally, and of course personally. I can’t make a move without my camera. I only wish I had a nicer one – but I seem to make due with my super old Canon PowerShot. So taking professional “looking” photos is a key part of what I do, but I’m not a professional photographer. Wait, maybe I am? Ok, if I get a nice camera then I’ll say I am, but for now the photos only “look” professional! I guess…….

Avarie's Swinging 'Pearl' is this month's cover girl.

What kinds of pictures do you enjoy taking? Capturing priceless moments and expressions of animals is my favorite thing to do. Somedays I can barely get from my bedroom to the kitchen without running for my camera. But not only MY animals – ANY animals! I also love taking photos of my landscaping — when I can capture in a photo for others to see what I do, it’s definitely a natural high for me (not to mention it helps me get work)! I only wish my animal pictures helped me pay the bills!

Have you had a chance to share your fame, or your coffee with others? Oh everyone I know is very much aware that Pearl is a 2-time Lizzy’s Coffee Cover Girl! We brag and show-off all the time and try to encourage our other animal friends to bug their mommy’s to submit photos too, and of course buy a few bags! Don’t tell Pearl, but I’ve ordered a few bags that had squirrel cover-models for a squirrel lover friend (and photographer) I know! And I also bought a bag that featured a DIFFERENT little white dog I know (ssh!).

And last but not least…what’s your favorite way to brew and drink your coffee? Lizzy’s coffee helps me get up and feed my 6 animals! The routine is: no matter how much crying and pestering I may get, the first order of business every morning is BREW THE COFFEE! While exactly 6 cups of
coffee is brewing for me and my man, I fill the 4 cat bowls and hand deliver each one. Just as the last bowl is being served, the coffee is ready for me to pour so I can take a cup outside with me and the dogs! See, the dogs aren’t goin’ outside until the coffee is ready! Oh, and THEN, once the dogs are in with their treats, does my man get HIS cup delivered!

Anyone can submit a snapshot for a chance to have your pick featured and win a free month of coffee: Click Here

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