Best of the Year 2011 Photo Contest Winners

What a fun year of pictures it’s been! Frosting covered babies, to dogs on swings and talented balancing acts – why not!?

We have to give a big shout to all the cool photographers who have shared a sliver of their lives with us on the coffee labels this year. Not every picture we receive is lucky enough to make it to the coffee labels (boo hoo) but it really is the best part of every month when we get to unveil the new month’s collection of winning pictures on our coffees.

Nothing makes us more happy than hearing that a cup of our coffee made someone’s day great. The coolest part is that our photographers are right there with us, in kitchens across the country, bringing a little giggle to everyone who gets a bag of Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee. That just rocks.

At year’s end, we leave it up to all our customers and photographers, and their friends and family to vote for the favorite cover shots from the year’s featured pictures. As a last goodbye to the year, these best of the best pictures are on the coffees one last time during the month of December.

So, without further ado, here are the winners you’ve voted Best of the Year for 2011. Congratulations!

Photo: Tara Reifenheiser
Now get out of bed and let's go play!

Photo: Joy Elizabeth Effie
She's been training for this day.

Photo: Waisan Cho
If only my tongue were just one-more-inch...

Photo: Joy Elizabeth Effee
What, mom, you GAVE me the cake.

Photo: Joy Elizabeth Effie
Uhg, these makeup artists just don't know how to get my gloss right.

Photo: Marco Martinez
Swinging with some serious style

++++++++++++ All winning photographers, plus 3 lucky voters have won a coffee gift box of 2 oz coffees, featuring each winning label, and a Lizzy’s mug.

Do you want to enter one of your pictures for a chance to be featured on our coffee in 2012? Do it here: Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee Label Contest

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